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Man to man consultation. An image from Dr. J. Kimilu from Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist

Male Treatments

Dr Confidence Aesthetics is one of the UK’s leading clinics for aesthetic, non-invasive and non-surgical penis enlargement procedures, Located close to Manchester city centre in the North West of England, we attract clients from across the British Isles, especially the north and central regions covering cities as far afield as Norther Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the North East, Yorkshire, Cumbria and beyond. 


We are dedicated to giving every single man who attends our clinic for treatment, all the assurance needed to enjoy a full and completely satisfactory sex life. 


From years of experience in this specialist area of non-invasive aesthetics, we understand what you are looking to achieve – an end to self-doubt and disappointment, with minimal fuss and inconvenience. Thanks to our safe, successful and hygienic treatments, you’ll discover an inner self-confidence in your improved physique – plus a consistently more satisfying sexual performance for both you and your partner.

Great results - when it matters most!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Procedure Painful ?
No. We use local anaesthetic creams to numb the treatment area externally – fillers contain a numbing agent, so internally and externally anaesthetic is applied to ensure the treatment is as painless as possible. We use canulae, as opposed to needles to minimise any discomfort and downtime. 

Q. How much bigger will my penis be after Dr Confidence Aesthetics treatment?
Depending on the amount of hyaluronic acid used during your treatment, most patients should see gains in penis length of around half an inch when flaccid and up to three inches when the penis is erect. The gains in girth thickness should be between three quarters of an inch and just under two inches when the penis is erect. In our experience, it’s usually the extra thickness which is the greatest priority for most of our patients.

Q. How long do the treatments take?
It's quick and easy. Each treatment usually takes up to an hour and you are free to go
home straight away. 

Q. Where are the treatments carried out? 
Our clinic is located in Manchester, Sale, just off the M60. There are excellent road, rail and air links. Paid parking is available at our premises. 

Q. Do I need to take time off work?
In most cases, it isn't necessary to take time off work. 
After non-surgical penis enlargement, we suggest avoiding sporting activity or heavy lifting for about a week.  Glans procedures require even less downtime. 

Q. Can I have sex straight after the treatment?
No - but you won’t have to wait long. We usually recommend holding off for one week before having sexual intercourse after non-surgical penis enlargement and for 48 hours after non-surgical glans enlargement.

Q. Are there any complications I need to be aware of?
In the vast majority of cases, no. Of course, infections might happen but we would always send you home with antibiotics which you should take for seven days. 
Q. What about aftercare?

This is all part of the Dr Confidence Aesthetics service. We'll carry out a review after two weeks. Should you require any aftercare, please use the following number 07735 723614 during normal working hours (09:30-17:00) Mon-Fri.  

Q. Will it give me that elusive self-confidence?
Yes, that’s precisely what Dr Confidence Aesthetics is all about! To give you self-confidence , wherever you go - in the bedroom, in the changing rooms, on the beach, in the gym. This is one of the most important benefits of the treatment - making you feel better about yourself all day, every day. Most of our patients talk openly about how much more confident they feel and how their lives have changed for the better following the procedure. 

Q. Can I speak to someone face-to-face before the treatment? 
Absolutely – we recommend this, either face-to-face or over the phone. Dr J. Kimilu will offer you a free initial consultation, without obligation, to talk through the whole procedure and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. It’s natural to be a little nervous, but really, there are no questions that are too sensitive. We are here to put your mind at rest and send you away happy.  Dr Kimilu always gives his patients a cooling period, as per GMC guidelines, so you can make up your mind before committing to the procedure. 

Q. Can I talk to anyone who has had the treatment?
Yes, although most of our patients prefer to protect their confidentiality.  

Q. Can I afford the treatment?
If you aren’t able to pay in one go, in order to make penis enlargement procedures attainable for those who want them, we can arrange any number of affordable payment options to suit your budget. A decision on finance can be made and approved, even while you are at the clinic for your consultation. 

Q. What’s the next step?
Simply give us a call on 07735 723614 or via our email enquiry form on the website.  Everything will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

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At Dr Confidence Aesthetics, we go out of our way to ensure our high-quality cosmetic treatments are both affordable and entirely appropriate, in accordance with your needs and expectations.

We have created a selection of exclusive packages, containing some of the most popular facial treatments on the market today.

Each of these competitively priced procedures is performed by Dr James, using the most advanced techniques in aesthetic treatments, within the comfortable and hygienic surroundings of our Manchester clinic.

Under Dr James’ expert guidance, based upon his many years as a qualified medical doctor and specialist in aesthetic procedures, we will establish a treatment plan that is right for you – one that correctly assesses and manages your long-term requirements, in line with your expectations.

It's never too late to treat yourself to a confidence-boosting, enhancing, non-invasive treatment – and these exclusive offers provide the perfect starting point. You’ll love the results!

To discuss any of the packages outlined here, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic to arrange a consultation via info@drconfidence.co.uk

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