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Glans Enlargement 

Non-surgical glans enlargement involves increasing the size of the head of the penis head, or helmet, through the injection of fast acting, high quality hyaluronic acid filler. The results are impressive. Depending on the amount of fifiller used, patients are likely to see an increase in glans volume, in the region of 15% to 20%.

man in consultation. An image from Dr. J. Kimilu from Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist

Not only is glans enlargement a proven and highly successful treatment, it is also far less expensive and much less invasive than undergoing full-blown surgery (which also happens to be irreversible, if something goes wrong).

This procedure can be used in conjunction with other non-invasive, non-surgical penis enlargement treatments in which we specialise at Dr Confidence Aesthetics, for increased size and length.

  • Immediate results – increased glans volume when flaccid and erect

  • Minimal downtime – back to work the same day

  • Resume sexual intercourse in around 7-10 days

  • A safe and reversible treatment (in the unlikely event this is necessary)

What is the purpose of non-surgical glans enlargement?
Having increased volume of the glans area is designed to increase sexual pleasure, improve overall sexual performance and to instil that precious commodity – confidence! Many men see a bigger head to the penis as being a greater priority than having a longer penis length per se, opting for glans enlargement treatment as a preference to penis enlargement, or certainly as an important additional treatment.

The key is making sure that the overall penis shape offers a proportionate appearance post-procedure. This is something we would discuss with you at your initial consultation.

Online meeting. An image from Dr. J. Kimilu from Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist

1. Increasing sexual pleasure During sexual intercourse, increasing the volume to the glans area of the penis is likely to encourage enhanced contact with, and stimulation of, the vaginal wall. This can assist with overall sexual pleasure and the achievement of orgasm.

2. Combatting premature ejaculation As an important additional advantage, the introduction of hyaluronic acid into the glans has the effect of producing a natural barrier to the internal penis nerve. This results in reducing sensitivity, with the dual benefit of prolonging sexual intercourse and, at the same time, helping to lower the likelihood of premature ejaculation.

The non-surgical glans enlargement procedure

Dr Confidence Aesthetics are specialists in this area of men’s treatment, with all procedures being undertaken by Dr James Kimilu who is a medically qualified doctor and one of the UK’s leading aesthetic practitioners. The glans area is initially anaesthetised with a topical cream, after which hyaluronic acid is injected just below the superficial layer of the dermis, using a cannula technique.

This is a very simple and effective technique which produces immediate results. What’s more, the likelihood of any post procedural complications is slight.

The procedure we use to increase the glans involves injecting high quality hyaluronic acid (HA) filler into the area. HA is a naturally produced substance in the body. Since it is produced naturally, over a period of about one year, the HA filler will be absorbed by the body. This is why our treatments are non- invasive, but it will also require you to return for top up treatments, every 12 to 18 months, to maintain the same effect.

If you would additionally or alternatively require enlargement of the penis girth, this can also be carried out non-surgically at the same time.

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Why hyaluronic acid fillers are used to increase glans size

One of the main reasons we use HA fillers is that it ensures an even spread of filler, to avoid any lumps, bumps or an unsightly misshapen effect – you just look larger naturally. In the unlikely event that you suffer an adverse reaction, and it becomes necessary to reverse the treatment, the HA can easily be broken down by injecting an enzyme antidote. We find this is very reassuring for our patients. Unlike irreversible surgery, with non-surgical treatments, it is possible to prevent any permanent side effects.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural structural component of skin, present in connective tissue throughout the human body. Being a natural, absorbable product, the likelihood of producing an allergic reaction is far reduced – compared to using synthetic fillers (which we avoid). Depending on the amount of HA filler used, the effects should remain for around 12 months. We only use regulated products from the world’s most respected manufacturers. For glans enlargement procedure, we would normally apply Juvederm 3 Ultra from Allergan. This is an advanced, 3D hyaluronic acid dermal filler.


Depending on expectation and existing penis size, most glans enlargement treatments will involve the use of between 1 and 3ml of filler.

The cannula technique explained

Whereas many clinics use needles to inject the penis, as one of the UK’s top aesthetic doctors, Dr James considers this to be an outdated approach. Instead, he uses a cannula to perform all our penis and glans enlargement treatments.

After applying a topical anaesthetic cream, the cannula with its blunt tip, is engaged. Unlike the tendency for multiple puncture marks caused by sharp needles, the cannula is far less invasive. This is quicker, safer and results in much less bruising than would be the case with needles. From years of experience using the cannula technique, we know that our patients not only prefer it, but report terrific results every time.


Rest assured, if you don’t like needles, with any Dr Confidence penis enlargement procedure, you won’t have to endure them!

How much bigger will the glans be after treatment?

This will depend on the initial size of your penis and the amount of filler that is used, but most men should see an increase in glans size of between 15% and 20%. The important objective is that the end result needs to look in proportion to the rest of the penis.

For how long does the treatment remain effective?

Whilst times vary and, to an extent, are determined by your metabolism, typically a procedure will provide great lasting results for up to 12 months. Around this time, you may start to notice a gradual reduction in the size of the glans. This is the point when clients usually return to the clinic for a top up.

How long does the treatment take?

We like to set aside an hour for each glans enlargement treatment. Working in an extremely hygienic but, nevertheless, relaxed environment, a topical anaesthetic is applied to the area, so there is no need for any general anaesthetic. Once the procedure has been completed, you are free to return to your normal daily activities once you leave.

What happens prior to procedure?

For first time patients, we would always suggest an initial consultation at our Manchester clinic, where Dr James can run through the whole procedure with you. This is to ensure that the treatment is appropriate and that you can make a fully informed decision before proceeding. A follow-up appointment would then be arranged to carry out the treatment. However, you don’t need to rest- up or make any special preparations ahead of the procedure.


What is the cost of the treatment?

We aim to make our treatments as affordable as possible and believe our pricing to be competitive, given the high calibre of fillers that we use in the clinic. From time to time, our prices may be subject to change, but we will always do our best to offer the most advantageous rates at the time of your treatment. One thing that is worth emphasising, however, is that the cheapest products may not necessarily produce the best results. Dr James has been performing non-surgical penis enlargement procedures since 2005 and is highly regarded by his peers and patients. At Dr Confidence Aesthetics, our overriding objective is to maintain consistently high clinical standards, ensuring that each individual client is provided with superior levels of treatments for the best, long-lasting results.

Aftercare and after-effects

As mentioned, the wonderful thing about undergoing non surgical penis enlargement is that you can carry on with your normal routine once you leave the clinic. You don’t need to take time off work. There shouldn’t be any discomfort or any noticeable bruising – made even less likely thanks to the use of cannulas. We do recommend that you refrain from any sexual activity for around 10 days, just to allow everything to settle down. In the unlikely event that you have any reaction,  you will be prescribed with a course of antibiotics but, if you continue to feel any discomfort, then please contact the clinic and we will address any complications.

For further enquiries and to book a consultation, please fill in the patient enquiry form below.

At Dr Confidence Aesthetics, we go out of our way to ensure our high-quality cosmetic treatments are both affordable and entirely appropriate, in accordance with your needs and expectations.

We have created a selection of exclusive packages, containing some of the most popular facial treatments on the market today.

Each of these competitively priced procedures is performed by Dr James, using the most advanced techniques in aesthetic treatments, within the comfortable and hygienic surroundings of our Manchester clinic.

Under Dr James’ expert guidance, based upon his many years as a qualified medical doctor and specialist in aesthetic procedures, we will establish a treatment plan that is right for you – one that correctly assesses and manages your long-term requirements, in line with your expectations.

It's never too late to treat yourself to a confidence-boosting, enhancing, non-invasive treatment – and these exclusive offers provide the perfect starting point. You’ll love the results!

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