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man to man consultation. Dr. J. Kimilu from Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist

Our Products


At Dr Confidence Aesthetics, we only use the finest quality, industry accredited hyaluronic acid fillers in our penis enlargement treatments. These fillers are produced by the world’s most respected manufacturers in the field, Allergan, and are certified for use by them. For authenticity purposes, they can only be accessed by accredited doctors and prescribers.

Happy man. Dr. J. Kimilu from Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist

Perfectha Subskin


Guys - take advantage of our amazingly low-priced Perfectha Subskin Filler from Pluryal, our popular budget range hyaluronic acid filler that delivers confidence. Boosting results. Clients just love it!


10mls - £1750
15mls - £2299
20mls - £2849

(Certified direct from the manufacturer)

Features of Perfectha Subskin


  • Low risk, high quality hyaluronic filler 

  • Proven viscoelastic solution for consistent volume

  • Dissolvable filler

  • Suitable for first time patients

*Individual results will vary from patient to patient.


Ellanse - 4 year lasting penis filler at dr confidence aesthetics


Longer lasting ( up to 4years)

10mls - £2800

Harder and firmer result 
For experienced patients only

Since Ellanse is a firmer filler and often requires more pressure to achieve a smoother moulding than would be the case with softer filler, we would normally recommend Ellanse for patients who have previously had hyaluronic filler injections and are used to filler moulding.

*Individual results will vary from patient to patient.




Voluma is our most popular filler that is perfect for both first time and returning patients. It is a softer hyaluronic acid filler with a lifetime of 12-18 months.

(Certified direct from the manufacturer)


10mls - £1950
15mls - £2925
20mls - £3900​

Features of Voluma

  • Long lasting – 12 to 18 months*

  • Low risk, high quality hyaluronic filler

  • Dissolvable filler

  • Suitable for first time patients


We have been using Voluma at the clinic for a number of years and it has   provided outstanding results for our clients. Manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer, Allergan, it is suitable for both those undergoing  treatment for the first time, as well as though returning for top-ups. 


*Individual results will vary from patient to patient.

juvederm-voluma package of penis filler. From Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist
Allergan logo on Dr Confidence Aesthetics website for penis enlargement

Safety First

In the highly unlikely event of a problem, all the hyaluronic acid fillers that we use can be dissolved by using a hyaluronidase enzyme. 


Beware of Counterfeit filler

Currently, there is a large amount of counterfeit filler being sold in the UK, especially Volux and Voluma. This isn’t surprising because they are top quality products. However, illegal and unregulated products purporting to be Volux and Voluma have a high rate of complication and should not be used.  The only genuine Volux and Voluma is sourced directly from the manufacturer, Allergan. The only way of identifying whether these products are genuine or not is by checking to see if the box in which they are contained is marked with the distinctive hXc hologram.

Hologram - Proof of Authenticity Genuine filler purchased directly from the manufacturer can be identified by the hXc hologram on the box. If this hologram is not present on the box, then the product is not authentic.

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