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man in consultation with Dr. J. Kimilu from Dr Confidence Aesthetics - penis enlargement specialist

The Dr Confidence Aesthetics Piggy Bank Scheme – The most affordable route to Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

  • The easiest way to spread your costs

  • Unique scheme for men who dream of a larger penis


Are you considering a penis enlargement, but aren’t sure you can cover the cost all in one go?
Then we have created the perfect solution. The Dr Confidence Aesthetics Piggy Bank Scheme is the most affordable and flexible way to fund your treatment at our Manchester clinic.


Instead of paying in one lump sum, you can make stage payments in advance - over a time period that’s entirely within your means and with which you feel comfortable with. The balance can be paid on, or just before, the day of the procedure. Simply pay as much as you can, when you can, until you feel you are ready to meet the full cost.


As an example, say your treatment will be £2000. You could make 10 payments of £200 each. Or you could pay half in advance and make the final payment on the day of the treatment. It’s entirely up to you. There’s no need to worry about setting up a cumbersome agreement with a finance company. Our Piggy Bank Scheme provides the most convenient and flexible route to your non-surgical penis enlargement treatment.

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To take advantage of the Scheme, contact Dr Confidence Aesthetics on 0161 973 4337 and speak to our Clinic Manager, Gemma Crisp. She can provide you with all the banking details required, to enable you to start making your payments straightaway. Alternatively, you can make contact via email at: info@drconfidence.co.uk