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Advice on how to Choose the Right Aesthetic Doctor

If you are in the situation where you are either seriously considering having an aesthetic facial treatment, or you have already made up your mind to have one done, the next big decision you’ll need to make is who are you going to choose to perform the procedure.

Given the popularity of non-surgical aesthetic treatments these days, you’ll probably be aware that there is a huge choice of practitioners ready to welcome you.

You may have alarmingly heard about or even know of someone who has been left scarred, disfigured or had an adverse reaction following a badly performed treatment. This should never happen. Be reassured that non-surgical, non invasive skin treatments to the face, legs or any other part of the body are 100% safe – as long as they are properly administered by a medically accredited practitioner.

For guaranteed assurance and satisfaction, however, it is important to choose your practitioner wisely.

Go for experience and accreditation

Of course, every practitioner has to start somewhere, but we would always advocate that you go to someone who has been properly accredited by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM).

BCAM exists to advance safe and ethical aesthetic medicine to the benefit of members of the public. The organisation represents aesthetic medical practitioners in a unified manner. It is there to maintain standards and to practice ethics in aesthetic medicine. All members must be General Medical Council (GMC) registered and have a licence to practice. Furthermore, all members must meet the BCAM criteria of application, in order that they can use the initials ‘MBCAM’ which is issued annually.

So make sure you choose someone who has been properly regulated.

Also, does the doctor specialise in aesthetics? Or are they active in other areas of surgery and medicine and only occasionally perform aesthetic treatments? It is far better to select a practitioner who works exclusively - all day, every day – in the field of aesthetics.

Meet your doctor face-to-face

It is very important that you meet with the doctor face-to-face, to discuss the treatment before you make your decision. If they are worth their salt, they should give you as much time as you need to ask questions and to make you feel at ease and confident in their ability. Do they seem genuinely interested in what you have to say? Or do they give the impression they are simply trying to upsell and see you simply as a commodity.

If you come away from the meeting with certain doubts, then best to go elsewhere. It is far easier to jump ship before treatment rather than afterwards.

What products does your practitioner use?

If you are having an injection to enhance your lips or remove wrinkles in your cheeks or around the eyes, check first as to what product will be used. There are a vast range of fillers out there, and some work better than others. Generally speaking, the better quality product, the more effective and longer lasting your treatment will be.

Spend your money well

Of course, nobody wants to be overcharged. However, there is an expression that if something is cheap, it’s cheap for a reason. In general, you will almost certainly pay a little more for a fully accredited aesthetics doctor, but there will be a reason for this. You will be buying in to expertise and professionalism. You don’t just want peace of mind after you’ve had your procedure, you want to be delighted! Yes, there will almost certainly be someone else who will do the same treatment for less, but this isn’t an area where the lowest price is

necessarily the best option. Cutting corners on any medical treatment is never wise but your face is a very precious thing and is there to enhance your natural appearance, not to detract from it.

Reputation counts for a lot.

If you have friends or family members even, who have been to a particular clinic and they have been pleased with the results, then this is also worth taking into consideration. Word-of-mouth recommendations are really the best form of free advertising a doctor can get! In the event that you don’t have a personal recommendation from friends or family, it would be worth asking the doctor if you could speak to an existing client who will happily provide an endorsement.

So, make sure you do your research and ask plenty of questions before you undergo your treatment. Above all, you’ll want to be proud of your appearance. Non-surgical treatments are designed to enhance the way you look (and feel) – without all the hiatus of undergoing surgery. Just make sure you choose wisely.

Dr James Kimilu MBCAM has specialised in aesthetic medicine since 2005. During that time he has worked for a number of the most respected aesthetics clinics in Britain and has performed thousands of non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

To arrange a consultation, call Dr Confidence Aesthetics on 0800 955 0034 or send us a text on 07735 723614 for a call back. Alternatively, email us through the patient enquiry form on the website, or email info@drconfidence.co.uk

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