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Is the Treatment Safe to get a Bigger Penis?

This is one of the most important and frequently asked questions we receive. And the answer is, yes, absolutely. Penis enlargement procedures are extremely safe. Although nothing comes with an absolute 100% cast iron guarantee, we have complete confidence in the non-surgical penis enlargement treatments we perform.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers and have NEVER had a patient return with complications.

Dr Confidence Aesthetics is run by Dr James Kimilu, one of the country’s leading experts in the field of non-invasive, cosmetic treatments. Dr James is a fully licensed medical doctor and a long-standing and well-respected practitioner in Aesthetic Medicines. All our penis enlargement procedures are carried out by Dr James, prior to which you will undergo a thorough consultation to ensure that you are happy to proceed, that you are comfortable with the expectations and that you aware of any risk involved, however small this may be.

The procedure is extremely straightforward Unlike surgical procedures, which can be lengthy and involve a fair amount of post-op recovery and downtime, our non-invasive treatments to make your penis bigger take about an hour to perform - from the time you come into the clinic, to the time you are ready to leave. You can get back to normal life straightaway. You can drive home, go to work and carry on with your usual routine. You won’t have to take time off work or curtail any of your normal social activities.

In terms of physical activity, don’t go overboard on the weightlifting and running for a couple of days but, other than that, continue with your daily routine. In terms of sex, we wouldn’t recommend that you go home and participate in sexual activity the same day, but you should be ready to go within a short space of time. Experience has taught us, however, that timescales can vary and, because of this, this will be discussed privately with you in the practice before you leave.

Clean and hygienic Our clinic in Manchester adheres to the most stringent standards of hygiene and clinical care. As standard practice, you would be sent away with a week- long course of antibiotics, but we would emphasise that this is merely a precautionary measure and only for use in the unlikely event that you suffer any adverse reaction to the treatment. If you are concerned at any time, however, please call Dr James who will be happy to advise you. If necessary, he would advise returning to the clinic, although this would be highly unusual.

A brief summary of the procedure The way that we enlarge the girth of your penis or glans is by injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) into the area. We only use products that are fully regulated and approved. VOLUMA is our most popular product and is arguably the world’s most respected penis filler. There are less expensive HA fillers that we also administer, but each one is extremely safe. HA is naturally produced, well-proven and has no side effects. The filler is designed to dissolve over time, so your body will naturally absorb the filler. But, as we have already explained, we have complete confidence in the products we use; they work, they are safe and we are sure you will be delighted with the results.

Aftercare We take pride in delivering outstanding results and offering all the pre- and post-procedural care that you require. No questions are off limits and everything is handled in the strictest confidence.

We trust this information will put your mind at rest. One of the reasons why we would always recommend non-invasive treatments over surgery is because they are so uncomplicated, painless, quick to administer and completely safe. Within an hour you’ll be free to go and you’ll immediately notice the difference in the size of your penis. If you are considering non-surgical treatment to safely achieve a bigger-sized penis, talk to us today. To arrange a consultation, call Dr Confidence Aesthetics on 0800 955 0034 or send us a text on 07735 723614 for a call back. Alternatively, email us through the patient enquiry form on the website, or email info@drconfidence.co.uk

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