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Penis Enlargement Treatment: Separating the Facts from the Fiction

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Penis Enlargement Treatment

“My Penis will be huge after Enlargement Treatment”

It all depends on what one means by a huge penis. Typically, penis

enlargement injections will increase both the length and girth by between one

and two inches. It is all dependent upon the amount of filler we use, but you’ll

certainly notice the difference between the pre and post procedural

dimensions. Whilst extra length may be desirable, it is the thickening of the

penis girth which tends to offer the most noticeable and satisfactory effects of

the treatment. However, if you have expectations that your penis will increase

in size by six inches or more, this is being unrealistic.

“I’ll celebrate by having sex the minute I get home from the treatment”

We are sorry to say, but this is not what you should be attempting

straightaway and it is certainly not recommended. Please refrain from sexual

activity for at least 48 hours after your treatment. This will allow sufficient time

for the filler to be properly absorbed, to ensure that there is even spread. The

last thing you would want to do, is to spoil the positive effects the treatment

will have, by being over enthusiastic too soon. Rest assured, holding fire for a

couple of days will make all the difference.

“I’ll be a better lover once my penis has been enlarged”

Whilst having a bigger member won’t necessarily improve technique, from our

many years of experience carrying out penis enlargement treatments, the

majority of men report that love-making has become more pleasurable as a

result of the increased confidence that the fillers provide.

“Penis Enlargement Treatment cures erectile dysfunction and premature


Yes and no. We find that when men attend the clinic for treatment, it is usually

because they feel their penis is too small and, as a result, they have a feeling of

inadequacy. The psychological side-effects that this creates can include erectile

dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Of course, in some cases, erectile

dysfunction may be linked to other medical conditions, such as diabetes, high

cholesterol or high blood pressure, and it may be advisable to seek further

medical advice to ascertain whether there are other root causes of erectile

problems. Nevertheless, anyone opting for penis enlargement treatment may

well find that any issues they previously had regarding loss of erection or

ejaculating too soon, disappear with the new-found confidence associated

with having a larger penis.

“My partner will see that I’ve had treatment to make my penis bigger”

No. The aesthetic treatments that we carry out to increase penis size are

virtually undetectable. No one would know – unless you decide to tell them, or

you are already in a long-term relationship, in which case this is probably

something that you will have discussed at some point. If you are having a sex

with someone who wasn’t a partner prior to your treatment, then it is highly

unlikely that they will suspect anything.

“The NHS does penis enlargement procedures”

Not true. The fact is, that penis enlargement procedures are deemed to be

“aesthetic” treatments because they are designed to boost appearance more

than function. Only in the most extreme cases, where someone is suffering

from a condition called “micro-penis”, will the NHS potentially intervene.

Otherwise, if you are seeking penis enlargement, you should consult a

registered practitioner in aesthetic medicine, who specialises in penis

enlargement treatments, such as Dr James Kimilu at Dr Confidence Aesthetics

“I can’t have kids once my penis has been enlarged”

This is complete nonsense. Treatments are designed to make your penis

bigger, but they in no way prevent or interfere with ejaculation. So fatherhood

will still very much be on the cards after your procedure, if you so wish.

“Women only want to have sex with men if they’ve got a penis that’s seven

inches or larger”

Does size matter? You certainly don’t need to have a huge phallus to have

satisfactory sex – but, of course, extra length and girth is something that many

men are seeking, which is why Dr James has performed hundreds of penis

enlargement treatments over the years and continues to do so.

A plethora of studies have been carried out to analyse what is normal penis

size and the general consensus is that the average flaccid penis length is

around 3 inches and just over five inches when fully erect. It is perfectly

possible to have great sex with a smaller penis, but the reason why some

males desire a bigger one is the extra confidence that it brings. You don’t need

to be hung like a donkey – it’s really down to what makes you feel good about


If you are considering penis enlargement and would like to arrange a

consultation, call Dr Confidence Aesthetics on 0800 955 0034 or send us a text

on 07735 723614 for a call back. Alternatively, email us through the Patient

Enquiry Form on the website, or email info@drconfidence.co.uk

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