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What are the benefits of Vitamin B12 injections?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

What are the benefits of Vitamin B12 injections?

We all need vitamin B12.

It’s an essential nutrient for the body, assisting in the development of our DNA,

red blood cells, nerves and proteins.

B12, also known as cyanocobalamin, is present in many types of food – such as

meat, fish, cheese and eggs. This partly explains why vegetarians and vegans

are more likely to suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiencies, although certain

fortified cereals do also contain the nutrient.

However, whether you are a meat eater or not, Vit B12 isn’t easily absorbed

from food, as a result of which people of all ages and dietary preference can be

deficient in the vitamin.

How do you know if your Vitamin B12 levels are low?

If you aren’t getting enough B12, side effects can be anything from feeling

tired or stressed out, lacking in energy or just down in the dumps for no real


You may be aware that B12 can be taken as an oral supplement – but these

aren’t nearly as effective as a B12 injection, because this enters the blood

straightaway for faster effect.

Will it improve how I feel?

Yes, absolutely. Vit B12 injections will increase your energy levels, improve

your mood and you’ll feel altogether healthier. This will be noticeable almost

immediately. You won’t have to wait days to feel the benefit. At a deeper

level, B12 shots are known to enhance the body’s immune system and can

help stave off heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, anaemia and macular


Our clients swear by them. And you will too.

How often is it advisable to have Vit B12 injections?

This will depend on your age and state of health. Generally, we would

recommend a course of 4 injections per year, although for anyone who

exercises intensively, if could be as frequently as twice a month.

Everyone is different, however, and at Dr Confidence Aesthetics, Dr James will

advise you on the most appropriate course of Vitamin B12 treatments during

your appointment with him.

To arrange a consultation, call Dr Confidence Aesthetics on 0800 955 0034 or

send us a text on 07735 723614 for a call back. Alternatively, email us through

the patient enquiry form on the website, or email info@drconfidence.co.uk

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