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What’s the Average Age of a Male when his Penis is fully developed?

A question that puzzles lots of men (and a fair number of women, too!) is at

what age does a penis stop growing? When is it as big as it is going to get?

The length of one’s member, flaccid or erect, is one of those concerns that

men have always grappled with. After all, size is associated with virility and

manhood and no one wants to be the butt of jokes about having a small willy.

Rightly or wrongly, many men wonder whether their current anatomy is fully

developed or whether there might be more growth left in them, which hasn’t

yet manifested.

When does it start getting bigger?

Penis growth is connected to hormones and the onset and duration of puberty.

During adolescence, we all mature at different ages and speeds. In some cases,

the penis will start getting bigger from the age of eight. At the other end of the

scale, there may not be much of a growth spurt until the late teenage years.

On average, the largest increase in size occurs between the ages of 10 and 14.

By the time they are 18, many men have reached maximum penis length,

whilst for others, it may take until their early twenties. The vast majority of

men reach “average” length sooner or later.

How big SHOULD it be when it is fully grown?

Again, everyone is different and, like someone’s height and weight which can

vary greatly from person to person, penis length does not fit uniform

dimensions. Over the years, extensive research has gone into penis length

and, it is reasonable to say, that the average length of an erect penis is usually

between five and seven inches (13-18cm). The flaccid length is typically about

3 inches (or 7.5cms).

Depending on your viewpoint and life experience, you may consider this to be perfectly fine, or it may leave you feeling somewhat deflated. The

overwhelming number of men, however, will fall within these parameters.

Only in exceptional cases do individuals fall outside the norm. Nevertheless,

there is a tendency for men to overestimate what they perceive to be an

acceptable size for a fully grown (erect) penis, when they are actually perfectly


In other words, they worry unnecessarily.

But that doesn’t stop thousands of men wishing they had a bigger one.

What can be done to increase length?

All over the internet, you’ll find articles about ways in which you can make

your penis larger. These range from masturbating regularly, special diets and

pills and potions. Even clamps and pumps, which sound perfectly horrendous!

But, in reality, none of these “interventions” will do anything to increase penile

girth or length.

Dr Confidence Aesthetics has the answer

Basically, there are two routes you can take – one we’d advocate, the other we


The first – and the one which is our area of focus and speciality – is non-

invasive, non-surgical penis fillers. This is known as an aesthetic treatment –

hence our name. Hyaluronic acid is injected into the girth or glans which

plumps up the tissue to make the penis thicker and bigger.

The other option is surgery to enlarge the penis which is a much more invasive

procedure and carries risk, and one which we do not practice in the clinic.

Prior to performing any treatments, however, we would strongly recommend a

full consultation to work out the most effective level of treatment for you and,

going forward, to correctly manage your expectations.

Rest assured, if you have concerns about the length of your penis, there is

nothing to feel ashamed about and you are not alone. Be confident in the

knowledge that help is readily available and, if this is something you would

wish to explore, we can definitely provide you with a size of member which is

more to your liking.

To arrange a penis enlargement consultation, call Dr Confidence Aesthetics on

0800 955 0034 or send us a text on 07735 723614 for a call back. Alternatively,

email us through the patient enquiry form on the website, or email


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