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Stay looking naturally young with one of our most popular and long-lasting skin repair treatments


  • Ideal for the upper, middle and lower parts of the face

  • Promotes natural deep tissue regeneration

  • Replaces collagen to boost a youthful looking appearance

  • Folds and marionette lines will disappear

  • Provides superior and more sustained results compared to many other fillers

What is Sculptra?
Sculptra is an FDA approved poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic, biocompatible, biodegradable material that encourages collagen production in the body. It has been used successfully for skin repair and regeneration procedures for decades.

How does Profhilo work?

Profhilo is a pure, high concentrate hyaluronic acid (HA) in gel form which is injected just below the surface of the skin into the areas that require treatment.

Through the slow release of HA into the dermis, Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin production and draws water back into the deeper layers of the skin. It is these improved hydration levels that help promote firmness and vibrancy in the skin, counteracting skin laxity and wrinkling – offering a more youthful-looking appearance.
Unlike dermal fillers, which are designed to plump up specific areas of the face, the advantage of Profhilo is that it gets to work moisturising a much larger area - making the skin texture denser and giving it an improved overall radiance. And because Profhilo is known as a stabilised gel, it lasts longer and has a more noticeable effect than non-stabilised gels.

Why Sculptra can work for you

It happens to us all! As we get older, our muscles and bones lose volume and density. In the facial area, as the collagen in the middle skin layers starts to breakdown, this can lead to the skin losing its lustre and firmness, culminating in sagging skin and increasingly visible lines. That fresh-faced appearance slowly disappears!
But it needn’t be like this!


Sculptra is a proven, long-lasting and cost-effective treatment that can reverse the effects of less firm and lined skin, noticeably restoring body to otherwise droopy and dry skin. It works on all areas of the face, including the areas around the mouth (marionette lines) and nose (nasolabial folds), where the deepest creases become apparent.

Sculptra gets to work slowly but surely. You aren’t likely to see instantaneous results the moment you leave the clinic. But, over a pre-arranged course of treatment, you should definitely see some big differences. These should last for up to a couple of years.

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If you would like to arrange a Profhilo treatment, contact the Dr Confidence Aesthetics clinic on 0800 955 0034, or via the BOOKING FORM on the website.


What do we use Sculptra to treat?


  • To repair marionette lines, jowls and to firm jaw line in the lower part of the face

  • To remove nasolabial folds between the mouth and nose

  • For cheek and tear trough augmentation

  • To create a smooth appearance to the upper face, especially areas around the temples


How the Treatment Works


Once we have determined which areas of the face need treating to create more volume, Dr James will then cleanse your face. Before injecting Sculptra, a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to numb the skin, to ensure everything is comfortable for you. Once the cream has taken effect, Dr James will use a fine needle to inject Sculptra into the areas which require treatment. Dr James will then gently massage the area, to ensure the Sculptra has been evenly spread. After your treatment, the massaging is something you should continue doing at home several times a day for the following five days.


How long does a treatment take?


Each treatment should take around an hour.


Do Sculptra treatments hurt?


There is nothing to worry about. We start by applying a topical anaesthetic cream which minimises any discomfort from the injection. Most often, patients will say it is a comfortable experience.



Will I need to do an allergy test?


As Sculptra is not formulated with any human or animal components, there is no need to undergo a patch test.
Will I need to come back for further treatments? For optimal results from Sculptra, we would always recommend a course of treatments. Typically, this would require between 3 and 5 visits over the
course of a 6 to 8 week period. Dr James will discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for you.


How soon will I notice the results?


It is important to stress that Sculptra is not designed to provide instant results from the moment you walk out of the clinic. Don’t expect a sudden transformation. The aim of the treatment is to deliver subtle but noticeable improvements over a period of time, providing you with results that last for a couple of years. Our patients tend to return for a top up every 18-24 months.

Can I expect any side effects?


Only in very rare cases. You may experience a little post-treatment swelling or redness and some possible itching. This should clear up within a day or two. Other than that, everything should be fine. In the unlikely event that symptoms do persist for more than a few days, please contact the clinic.

How much does Sculptra cost?


Sculptra is most effective when bought as a course of treatments.
1 vial - £350
3 vials - £999 for the 30s

5 vials - £1699 for the 50s
6 vials - £1999 for the 60s


Does Sculptra require much aftercare?


We will run through your aftercare programme when you attend your appointment at the clinic. You may experience a small amount of bruising and swelling to the area of skin for a day or two following treatment. If so, we recommend applying a cold pack (but don’t press ice directly to the skin). We also encourage you to gently massage the treated areas using the 5x5x5 rule - for 5 minutes at a time, 5 times a day for the first 5 days after your Sculptra treatment. We also recommend keeping out of sunlight or away from UV lamps until any swelling or redness has disappeared.


Is it OK to wear make-up after Sculptra?


Yes. We should advise you, however, to leave the treated area of skin clear for a few hours but after this, there shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t apply make-up. Our Expertise You are in extremely safe hands at Dr Confidence Aesthetics. Dr James is one of the UK’s leading doctors practising in non-surgical aesthetic medicine and has been performing Sculptra treatments for many years. Our treatments are carried out to the highest professional standards in the most hygienic surroundings. Sculptra treatments produce fantastic results. However, during your initial consultation, if it was felt that this particular treatment was not suitable and that an alternative procedure would be more beneficial, we will advise you of this at the outset.



To book your Sculptra consultation, contact Dr Confidence Aesthetics on

0800 955 0034 or by email info@drconfidence.co.uk